Our Values

Welcome to the CLAD alphabet – a definitive guide to the values that drive our wedding styling services. We keep these principles in mind when we style our brides and grooms, and believe the work we do is only strengthened by the same.

A is for Access

…Whats ours, is yours.

We provide intimate access to designers in our network. And we make sure to draw from their experienced insight to help identify what aspects of their designs would work best for you.

B is for Budget

…Only the best for whatever you’re willing to spend.

We’re committed to creating the very best quality of looks for you, within your specified budget. We’ll be transparent about possibilities and educate you about the costs of what you want, all the while respecting the range you feel most comfortable in.

C is for Customizations

…Every piece can be made unique.

We will shortlist outfits for each wedding function, then finalise favourites according to your specific needs. We’re especially happy to find ways to infuse elements of your personality into the looks we choose for you with custom detailing.

D is for Distinction

…A little differentiation never hurt anybody.

With customisation comes distinction. No two CLAD customers could ever be the same. We believe that the best style is personalised and work hard to combine instinct and understanding while finalising your outfits. From the tiniest details to the larger looks, your wardrobe will make sure you stand out in a way that’s authentic to you.

E is for Evolution

…There’s never been a better time to have fun with tradition.

Lay down the soil of your vision and we’ll make sure it evolves your own sense of personal style in a way even you might ’t have predicted. CLAD is about respectful exchange and we want you to walk away from your styling experience feeling like you’ve grown in a meaningful way too.

F is for Family

…Threading together looks that match the bonds of blood.

Weddings are about unions and coming together. At CLAD, community and family is at the heart of everything we do. We’re not just here for grooms or their brides to be; we’re here to conceptualise looks for entire families too. Whether it’s personal shopping for trousseaus or making sure everybody’s Baraat looks complement each other, tell us what you need and we’ll come up with ways to make it happen.

G is for Growth

…Watering the seeds within, to help you bloom.

At CLAD, we’re committed to creating a journey with you that guarantees personal growth in your style sensibilities. These will last you well beyond your wedding day, right through your marriage.

H is for Holistic

…Bringing together spare parts, to create a perfect whole.

Binary ways of thinking don’t cut it for our CLAD customers. We like to approach your wedding styling from many different angles–be it your individual preferences, the nature of events you’ll be attending, the predicted weather where you’ll be and much more–to ensure looks that fit the day just right.

I is for Individuality

…There’s no one alive who is you-er than you.

We take great pains to ensure no two customers are outfitted in a way that overlaps or repeats itself. When you come to CLAD, you can expect personalisation that takes into account all the bits and pieces of your personality that make you unique.

For the rest of the alphabet, you'll have to get to know us!