Why Choose CLAD?

Over a decade of styling and directing editorial shoots for GQ India, Tanya and the CLAD team are the perfect companions to consult and direct your pre-wedding and wedding photo shoots. With an innate understanding of what makes a good photo great, CLAD can assist with moodboarding for all your shoots, briefing your chosen photographer as to the mood and vibe of the shoot, and even sitting down with the couple and photographer to conceptualise any and all wedding shoots, be it before, during, or after the nuptials.

In case the to-be-weds need help with finding a suitable photographer, CLAD can also help you source the perfect photographer from our network of exemplary photographers. We can connect our clients with the best wedding photographers for their big day, and then also ideate and concretize concepts for each shoot along with the bride and groom. If the couple has a definite idea in mind but can’t find the perfect artist, our network of photographers has a wide variety of artists who can shoot in various mediums and fulfil your photoshoot wishes.

All of our photo shoot directions are done in tandem with the couple and what they want, so while we moodboard and reference for the photos, it is always done in consultation with what they desire and what their personal Pinterest boards look like.

How Can You Contact Us?

The photography option can be added to the bridegroom, or couple packages very easily. We are more than happy to tailor packages for each unique client, and the convenience of our clients is paramount, so this package can be added to the existing one very easily. Contact us here to see how we can help achieve the wedding photos of your dreams.