Styling the bride

Why Choose CLAD for Bridal Styling Services?

At CLAD, we are acutely aware that styling for a wedding, and especially for the bride, is no easy task. We like to treat our clients with the care and intimacy they would receive from a close friend. Evaluating our brides’ personal style and preferences is the most important part of our process. Each bride is distinctive, special, and unique – she is set apart by her vision and we do our best to manifest that in exactly the way she wants. Every bride has her own needs and we tailor our approach accordingly. We have a comprehensive bridal styling service, which begins with in-depth conversations with the bride about the colours that she likes, the silhouettes that will suit her, the embellishments that are on her dream list, and the designers that she loves. Along with listening to her preferences intently, celebrity and bridal stylist extraordinaire Tanya also personally suggests outfits and designers that she thinks would suit the bride. Her practised eye and honed styling scales will definitely set your bridal dresses apart from the rest.

What’s Our Procedure For Bridal Styling?

After the first step of the bridal consultation is done, it’s time to meet the designers and their teams. Tanya’s unmatched network of creators in the fashion world gives her, and by extension her clients the access to the crème de la crème of the industry, and get customisations and outfits like no other bridal fashion consultant could achieve. Big name designers like Falguni Shane Peacock, Faraz Manan, Tarun Tahiliani, Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna, Anita Dongre, Gaurav Gupta and many more are a part of our roster. You can explore the longlist of our designers here. We then get to work to curate outfits for each ceremony: be it the roka, engagement, welcome party, mehendi, sangeet, the big wedding day, and the reception too. Moodboards for each occasion are a must, and everything is prepared in conjunction with our clients. In fact, we believe in holding our brides’ hands after the wedding too. Every function before and after your wedding is as important as the nuptials themselves, and by exploring our other bridal packages you can find out how we can help with personal shopping and bridal trousseau shopping as well.

Once the bride has gone through our curation of ensembles and shortlisted her favourites, CLAD sets up virtual and in-person appointments with the bride and designers to zero down on the perfect pieces and figure out which outfits are required for which functions. These sessions are a great place for the bride to share her ideas and plans with them so that we can work towards making the outfits happen in a timely fashion. At CLAD, we believe customization, like our client, is king, and this is the perfect time and place for the bride to discuss bespoke options with Tanya and the designers. No other wedding styling service can offer this option to brides, and our connections with the best designers are second to none.

After the outfits are finalised, and the bride is satisfied (which is paramount), we make sure that measurements and fittings happen appropriately with CLAD’s professional team of stylists and fashion consultants. The bride is measured and fitted not just once, but several times, especially before the wedding to make sure any and all last minute alterations are accommodated for. Then, a bride can sit back and relax. We handle all appointments, all coordination, and every outfit reaches our clients well in advance to the function. Deliveries are the last thing a bride should be worried about during this magical time in her life.

Is Jewellery A Part Of The Bridal Service?

No bridal look is complete without its jewels, and nobody understands that better than CLAD. We have partnered with the finest brands to bring to you their luxurious pieces for your big day, which we can share with you if you contact us. Our Jewellery Specialist, Deepa Vohra, works in tandem with Tanya and the bride to figure out which kind of jewellery matches the outfits for each day. There are a variety of options CLAD can offer brides, some of which include high jewellery, demi-fine pieces, semi-precious jewels, and floral jewellery, which is perfect for smaller occasions like the mehendi. Deepa can make any bride’s finery daydreams become reality with her keen eye for design, gemstones, and bridal experience. And we don’t let geographical bounds limit us from getting our brides the best jewellery for their big days!

How Can You Contact Us?

CLAD curates only the best looks, and coordinates their delivery as well. CLAD takes all your bridal visions from the mood board to real life for you. We are an end to end wedding styling service, and bridal styling is our forte. Contact us today to hear more about our wedding styling packages and how we can tailor them for you.