Clad Musings With Gaurav Gupta


CLAD catches up with India’s foremost bridal and gown couturiers for an exclusive tête-à-tête and some indispensable tips for brides-to-be.

The master of drapes, sewer of sequins, the bender of light — Gaurav Gupta has created a signature style in India which is innately his own. His Indian wear, menswear, and evening wear is something out of this world, and so are his celestial design inspirations and muses. Flamboyant ruffles, contours that caress your shape, and fantastical fabrics transport brides (and grooms) to far away planets. Unique, breathtaking, and utterly novel are just some of the adjectives we would use for Gaurav Gupta’s surreal couture. Fluid and dynamic, no other designer can make sculptural gowns quite like him. Brides love his creations for their cocktails and sangeets, because who wouldn’t want to dance the night away in a shimmering haze of glass, sequins, silk, and luminescence?

If you have ever wondered what is the best way for a couple to be in synergy, sartorially on their wedding day, then today is your lucky day. Brides and grooms are in for a treat, because Gaurav Gupta is here with some invaluable tips on how to sync with your significant other on your big day, and the answers to all your wedding styling questions along with what inspired his divine new pre-couture collection, Venus Rising.

What prompted you to create Venus Rising, and release it earlier than usual? Tell us more about it.

The pre-couture 2021 collection was launched because a lot of our clients have been asking us for new couture for their nuptials in October up till December. From our last couture offerings we wanted to give our patrons something really new, special, and conceptual. At the same time, we want people to get out of this pandemic mode with a lot of celebration and hope, and Venus Rising is really that in the most celebrative, surreal way.

What is the best way for a couple to be in synergy, sartorially on their wedding day?

Sartorially, for the bride and groom to work together for receptions and cocktails, it’s best to start with the bride’s outfit — decide the colour, embroidery, and silhouette. Then I would choose the groom’s outfit with the tuxedo or bandhgala that he wants to wear with it. There are very few colours which work together which are very similar, like a bottle green and an emerald, but a black tuxedo goes with every colour, so does a midnight blue. White on a guy will also complement pastels on a girl.

What would you prescribe: Wedding classics or wedding trends? And why? -Do you have tips for brides shopping for their wedding outfits right now?

The magic lies in-between classics and trends. I would go for a mix of both styles with a personal twist. I’d suggest brides to push themselves a little further and pick outfits that are true to their personality because shopping for one’s wedding is a breakthrough to their individual style evolution. Confidence is always in trend and no bride should restrict themselves. She should have the deciding power when it comes to her special outfit and pick a dress that reflects her individuality.

What is the design inspiration behind your iconic gowns?

I find inspiration in surrealism, life, art, sculptures, and nature. The need to explore, experiment and create something new always pushes me to challenge fashion and design.

There is a fine line between a feeling of fantasy and giving the customers what they want – and that is where the inspiration lies. I’m trying to create a new culture and a parallel dialogue with the kind of garments that I create.

You continuously push the envelope with your novel menswear - tell us more about your process and creative catalysts?

I feel like men have been ignored for a very long time in the design scape and that there is a cool and fun party goer side to a lot of them, ready to be discovered. Our collections explore a classic colour palette with experimental details to the structure and designs. The designs stir a touch of fantasy and playfulness into traditional men’s wardrobe staples. There is a futuristic and conceptual layer on top of each garment. Authenticity and originality help to create designs that are progressive and strive to bring a cultural shift.

*This article was written by Fawzia Khan, Creative Features Editor at CLAD