Why Do You Need A Wedding Stylist?

Every bride and groom has a vision for their wedding day – how they want to dress, the perfect venues, the gorgeous interior decor, and the overarching aesthetic. Achieving this single-handedly is time-consuming and difficult, and that is where CLAD steps in. Tanya’s decades-long styling experience is exactly what a couple and their family needs on their wedding day. Her menswear and bridal wear expertise ensure that the to-be-weds get only the best designers, outfits, and customizations available in the market.

Our processes are thorough, immaculate, and completely tailored to every client’s needs. With CLAD, you have access to top designers, and clients get one-on-one time to share their wishlist with them. Keeping your personal style in mind, we then make customised curations of outfits for every function, be it the engagement, mehendi, sangeet, or the reception, for the bride and groom to choose from. After this, CLAD handles all the fittings, coordination and delivery dates and times, while couples revel in the bliss of the upcoming union.

In addition to fulfilling your sartorial needs, CLAD prides itself on the intimacy and care of our services — we recommend suitable hair and makeup artists, photographer options, and assist with decor inspiration, just like a good friend would. Every single detail is paid attention to, and we believe that that is the only way to plan and style a wedding. We want your wedding to be the day that you have always dreamed of, and we pull out all stops to make it happen.

Access To The Best Designers. Ever.

CLAD can give you access to the best designers for your wedding styling, for brides and grooms both. Our enviable roster of creators includes the likes of Sabyasachi, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Manish Malhotra, Faraz Manan, Anamika Khanna, Kunal Rawal, Raghavendra Rathore, Gaurav Gupta, and many more fashion mavens. Not only do you get to chat with these designers and their teams, but couples can also share their wedding styling wish lists and desires for customization of outfits with them — as your wedding stylists, CLAD will work for hand in hand with our clients and designers to make their wedding ensemble dreams come true.

This kind of exclusive experience can only be found at CLAD. Bespoke and custom-made is our favourite thing to facilitate, and we can bring our clients the best of wedding fashion for all functions, adhering to their budgets.

A Cohesive Look For Your Wedding

Everyone has a vision for their wedding day, but making the big day look and feel like your imagination is quite difficult. It’s not as easy as picking a colour or theme — coordinating the bride and groom’s outfits, along with the looks of the whole family and friends takes a mammoth amount of collusion and communication. And don’t forget, this needs to be done for each function for each close family and friend. It’s always wise to hire a professional stylist and personal shopper to dress you for your wedding, since they are experienced at creating weddings right off of Pinterest, and they know all the trends that are current and buzzing in the wedding industry.

As your stylists at CLAD, we not only cover your engagement, mehendi, sangeet, wedding and reception, but any and all functions couples keep before, during, or after this exciting time. Expect full support at all times, and even beyond the wedding with our personal shopping experience which is second to none. Our packages are varied, for the unique requirements of every couple, and they extend beyond the wedding too. Our personal styling services are unparalleled: Headquartered in India and Singapore, Tanya makes sure she brings you the newest collections and the freshest trends from well-loved homegrown labels, as well as brands from across the globe. And to show our couples just how much we appreciate them, we put together matching care packages full of some essential luxuries for them, as a wedding gift from us.

A Smooth And Timely Wedding Prep

Designer appointments, outfit fittings, dress curations, and making sure everything is ready on time is no easy feat. Let us take that burden off of your shoulders — as your wedding stylists and best friends, we take care of every detail, right from picking the colour palette to every button sewn on your ensembles, and ensure that the delivery happens well in advance. Our style assistants make sure you’re fitted perfectly, even if that requires extra nips and tucks, and with our intimate reach in the fashion industry you only get the best and latest outfits for all occasions. We build timelines around every important day, and make sure that everything falls in place. That way, the bride and groom don’t need to concern themselves with nitty gritties to stress them out before their nuptials, because CLAD does it all while you bask in the love.

Brides and grooms, if you’re still not convinced you need a wedding stylist for your big day, contact us so we can talk more about your options and our packages..

*This article was written by Fawzia Khan, Creative Features Editor at CLAD